It is our intention to start crafting handpans as well, alongside the continued creation of the tank and tongue drums.



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A great thing about our drums is that they're low maintenance! Once they're tuned, they stay tuned! We can make them in any desired key or color requested, and since every note is in the same key, you can't play a "wrong" note!

Currently we sell, but are not limited to, tank drums and tongue drums tuned to any desired key in any color scheme. Every drum is hand made from scratch and no two drums are the same.

The sound resembling a piano in this song is actually a tank drum crafted from scratch here at drumheads (pictured left)

If interested in ordering a drum, contact via email or phone for information and pricing.

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For eons music has been used for communication, entertainment, and yes: therapy. Why do you think the phrase "music soothes the savage beast" exists? It is inspiration in its purest form.

An intellectual marvel in its complexity and simplicity at the same time, its power is immeasurable, and its beauty is equally so.